How to Remove the Oil Filter Element on a Toyota

Updated March 23, 2017

Unfortunately, Toyota manuals don't explain how to remove oil filters, while other automakers' manuals do. The procedure requires a specialised wrench which you can purchase at a Toyota dealership or online. Different models use different filters and different filters require different wrenches, so you'll need to know your car's model year for the purchase.

Buy an oil filter wrench at your local dealership, making sure the label states that it is compatible with your car model and year.

Remove the engine oil cap, remove the drain bolt and let the engine oil drain into a pan. You don't want the engine full of oil when you take off the oil filter. Replace the bolt after draining.

Place the oil filter wrench over the oil filter, which is under the engine. It's cylinder-shaped, about as tall as it is wide. The oil filter wrench is not really a wrench but rather a sort of cover with a bolt shape in the centre that you then need to use another wrench on.

Twist the oil filter wrench off with a normal crescent wrench.

Remove the gasket (O-ring) that seals between the filter and the engine.

Clean the space the oil filter occupied, put a new gasket in place and screw a new filter on, again using the oil filter wrench. Finger tight plus a quarter turn is plenty--don't overtighten it or you could cause an oil leak.

Things You'll Need

  • Oil filter wrench appropriate for your model and model year
  • Crescent wrench
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