How to Solve a Wood Puzzle Asterisk

Updated November 22, 2016

The asterisk puzzle is a type of brain teaser in which you are given a bunch of small pieces and have to assemble them into a given design. The completed puzzle is a three-dimensional asterisk, which looks like a double snowflake.

Find the two pieces that look like four-toothed combs and one of the diamond shaped pieces that contains eight slots. Hold the combs vertically. Slide the bottom tooth of one comb into the front left slot of the diamond and the bottom tooth of the other comb into the front right slot. Push each comb as far as it will go so that the two combs touch.

Fold the handle of the leftmost comb so that it rests on the handle of the right-most comb, forming a shape that looks like a rocket ship.

Insert two more diamonds, one on either side of the rocket base.

Insert another comb, tooth side up, into the back of the rocket.

Repeat Steps 1 through 3 using the two combs that have diamonds in place of the third tooth from the top.

Turn the new rocket upside down so that the nose is pointing downwards.

Insert the piece that looks like a crown into the rocket nose.

Add another diamond on each side of the crown. You should now have a structure that looks like a capital letter I.

Turn this structure 90 degrees so that it looks like a barbell. The triangular slots should be on top. Unfold the first rocket you made and insert it into the bottom of the barbell to make a cross with a diamond protruding from the front.

Take two crowns and hold them vertically. Insert one crown into each side of the diamond on the front of the structure.

Insert the shape that looks like two mountains with a flat bottom into the top of the front diamond.

Flip the structure over. There should be a diamond on the front of the structure with empty slots.

Repeat Steps 10 and 11.

Turn the left arm of the cross to reveal the rocket shape in the centre of the structure. Find the rectangular piece that has two triangular slots on top. Slide this piece in between the square and the rocket ship.

Attach the last two diamonds to the top of the structure.

Slide the last piece into the centre layer of the structure's top to finish the asterisk.

Things You'll Need

  • Asterisk puzzle containing all pieces
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