How to Format a 4Gb Sdhc Card

Written by art corvelay | 13/05/2017
How to Format a 4Gb Sdhc Card
SD cards are used in small electronic devices. (sd - karte front image by Otmar Smit from

SDHC, or "Secure digital high capacity," is a small external storage device. These cards are most often used with small electronic devices like digital cameras, cell phones, printers and PDAs. Formatting an SDHC card refers to imposing a specific file structure on the memory of the card. In the process, all data will be erased from the SDHC card. You can format your 4 GB SDHC card by using your computer's operating system.

Insert the SDHC card into the SDHC card reader. Plug the opposite end of the SDHC card reader into your computer via the USB port.

Allow the computer to read and recognise that you have added new hardware. Go to "My Computer" and locate the SDHC card under "Devices with removable storage."

Open "Computer Management" by clicking "Start," "Control Panel," "System and Maintenance," "Administrative Tools" and "Computer Management."

Select "Disk Management" in the left column. This opens all of the manageable drives, including the SDHC card, in the main viewing window.

Right-click the SDHC card and select "Format."

Select "FAT 32" when you are presented with formatting options. The reason you want to format your SDHC card as a FAT32 file system is that is the native file system on the card. If you format the card as an NTFS file system, it will not be compatable with your device.

Click "OK" and the SDHC card will be formatted.

Things you need

  • SDHC card reader

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