How to Make Woven Mexican Bracelets

Updated April 17, 2017

A beautiful tradition of jewellery making in Mexican culture is the woven bracelet. These intricately woven items are made not only for symbols of friendship, but as a part of Mexican traditions like Cinco de Mayo. Made in bright colours and with a variety of threading materials, these bracelets can be hand crafted in just a few steps. These bracelets are ideal as friendship bracelets, or as a stylish gift for a family member.

Choose an assortment of coloured thread. Choose colours that are authentic to the culture and heritage of Mexico. This might include greens, reds and whites that represent the Mexican flag. Traditional bracelets are also designed using bold colours like hot pinks and blues.

Secure your nylon thread. Take the assortment of colours you have chosen and make sure they are all gathered at the same length. Tie them together in a knot so that they are secured in place.

Use a clip board to keep your threads steady while you work. Take your clipboard and place the knotted nylon strings together under the clip. Secure all but one of the threads to the bottom of the clip board. Place the one remaining thread off to the side.

Press down on the middle of the single thread. Take the remainder of the threads and pull them over the single thread . If they are crossed over the single thread properly, they will resemble a number four. Create a knot by taking the single thread and pulling it through the remaining threads.

Continue the pattern of pulling the single thread through to the other threads until all of the thread of the same colour has created a series of knots. Follow through with this step with the remaining colors.When all colours have been properly knotted, tie the end of the bracelet together in a final knot so the bracelet is closed and secure.

Things You'll Need

  • Nylon thread (an assortment of your favourite colours)
  • Clipboard
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