How to Use a Digital Media Card Reader on a HP Pavilion

Updated February 21, 2017

Hewlett Packard is an electronics manufacturer that produces various desktop and laptop computers. The HP Pavilion is a line of computers, both desktop and laptop, that come equipped with a digital media card reader. Digital media cards are often used with portable electronic devices like digital cameras and cell phones. You can insert a digital card directly into your HP Pavilion without the use of a separate card reader.

Ensure your media card is compatible. The HP Pavilion media card slot supports SD, Compact Flash and XD cards. SD is the standard, but older devices may use Compact Flash cards or XD cards. The reader can also handle micro SD cards, but this requires an adaptor.

Insert the media card into the media card reader slot. The media card reader is located on the front of HP Pavilion desktops and on the side of HP Pavilion laptop computers. An LED light will light up when the computer recognises the media card.

Open the media card folder. Go to "My Computer" and look under "Devices with Removable Storage." Double-click the media card.

Transfer media from your media card onto your computer if you want to store the media on your computer's hard drive. To do this, simply drag the file onto your computer's desktop.

Add media to the media card from your computer if you want to add new media to the card. To do this, find a media file and drag it into your media card's folder.

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