How to Determine Factors of Animation Use in a Website

Updated April 17, 2017

Animation is the process of making something come alive, such as taking still images and putting them together to create motion. Animation is often used on websites to help create interest and show creativity. Before adding animation to a website however, it is important to determine whether or not the animation will add value to the website or detract from it.

Determine if you have a reason to put animation on the website and if it is really necessary. Consider such things as building brand recognition, selling more products or making it easier to convey information to visitors about your products or services.

Determine the main objectives of your website and if adding animation to your site will help you achieve these objectives.

Determine if adding animation to your website is worth the initial and ongoing investment by taking into consideration the amount of time and money that will be needed to add and maintain the animations.


Adding animations to a website can slow down the loading time of the webpage. Animations can often distract users from reading the rest of the website contents.

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