How to Make Swarovski Crystal Flowers

Updated April 17, 2017

Swarovski is a manufacturer of fine crystal goods, including jewellery, rhinestones and beads. Swarovski crystal beads come in a kaleidoscopic assortment of vibrant colours and they are intricately faceted to give a dazzling shimmer. Jewellery makers, crafters and artists of all kinds use Swarovski crystal beads to fashion and embellish a variety of creations. One easy project to make using these versatile and attractive components is a flower; in fact, you can make a bouquet of colourful flowers, all in different shapes and sizes, with Swarovski crystals.

Make the stem of a flower. Grasp a piece of floral wire in one hand. Bend the bottom end of the floral wire into a small ring using the tips of round-nose pliers. The ring will serve to prevent Swarovski crystal beads from sliding off the wire.

Push the wire through the holes in a Swarovski crystal bead. Slide the bead all the way down the wire until it meets the small ring at the wire's end. Continue to do this until the stem is almost completely covered with crystals. Leave about ½ inch of bare wire at the top of the stem. Bend down the bare wire at the top with the round-nose pliers so it forms a slight ring. Lay the stem aside.

Snip floral wire into five separate 4-inch portions using wire cutters. Grasp one 4-inch portion of wire. Bend the wire into a petal shape. Let the two ends of the bent wire almost meet. Slide Swarovski crystal beads onto the wire until it is completely covered. Twist the ends of the wire together to keep the crystals from sliding off. Repeat this process to make four more petals.

Hook each of the five petals onto the bare portion of wire at the top of the flower stem with the round-nose pliers. Bend the wire at the top of the flower stem down using round-nosed pliers so that its end meets the side of the flower stem, leaving no gap for the petals to fall off. Bend the petals up, down and in any way you desire to create the shape of the flower. Bend the stem slightly for a more natural look.

Create more flowers using this process to make a bouquet of Swarovski crystal blooms.


Use green Swarovski crystal beads for a realistic-looking flower stem. Make the petals in various colours of Swarovski crystal beads for a multihued flower or bouquet. Use a heavier gauge of floral wire, such as 16, for sturdier flowers. Just make sure the wire is slim enough to fit through the holes in the Swarovski crystal beads.

Things You'll Need

  • 20-gauge floral wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Assorted Swarovski crystals
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