How to Adjust the Water Level in Kohler Toilets

The water level in your Kohler toilet tank keeps gives your toilet the ability to flush completely. Too much water makes the fill valve continue to run while too little water does not completely flush the toilet. You can adjust the water level in your toilet tank with little difficulty. The water level should be 1-inch below your over flow tube for optimal performance. Adjusting the water level in your Kohler toilet tank depends on what type of float system your toilet uses to signal the fill valve.

Remove the lid from the toilet tank and place the lid on a towel on a flat surface. Keep the lid out of your way to avoid accidentally stepping on it and breaking the lid.

Inspect your toilet tank to determine what type of float system your tank uses. The tank will either have a float ball on a metal rod or a float that runs up and down the fill valve.

Pinch the clip on the side of the float with your fingers if you have a float that rides on the fill valve. Move the float up to increase the water level or move the float down to decrease the water level.

Grab the float ball arm in the centre with one hand if your system uses a flat ball. Bend the end of the float ball arm down to decrease the water level or bend the end of the arm up if the water level needs raising.

Locate the adjustment screw on the top of the fill valve if your tank does not have a float. Adjust the screw with a flathead screwdriver by turning the screw in ΒΌ-inch increments. Turn the screw counter-clockwise to lower the water level, and clockwise to raise the water level.

Flush the toilet and allow the tank to fill with water. Adjust the float as necessary to obtain the 1-inch level below the overflow tube.

Place the toilet tank lid back on the toilet tank.


Hold the middle of the float ball arm firmly when bending the end of the arm. Placing pressure on the connection of the arm to the fill valve could cause the connection to break.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel
  • Flathead screwdriver
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