How to increase the grip rubber on court shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

It is very important to have good traction on your athletic shoes so you can play to your full potential. Just as athletes who play a sport on a field or track (football, baseball, soccer, track, etc.) wear cleats to improve traction, athletes who play a sport on a court need to also increase the grip of their shoes. Basketball, volleyball and tennis courts can get very slippery. Increasing the grip of the shoes not only allows you to perform better but they can prevent slip-and-fall injuries as well.

Purchase a court shoe based on high performance and good grip. There are hundreds of different athletic shoes on the market, but just because a famous athlete endorses the product doesn't mean it's the best product. Go to an athletics store and ask for a court shoe with the best traction. The better traction the shoe already has, the easier it will be to maintain that traction.

Purchase two different types of shoes: one for practice and scrimmage games, the other for games only. The dirtier the bottom of the shoes get, the less traction and grip they will have. Saving your game shoes for only the games will keep them cleaner.

Never wear your basketball shoes off the court. Always wear a pair of sandals or inexpensive tennis shoes outside of the court.

Clean your shoes frequently with a clean cloth. Before you put your shoes on, during timeouts, at halftime and after the game you should clean your shoes. Sweat and dirt tracked in by the other players will collect on the bottom of your shoes. Cleaning the soles of you shoes will remove excess dirt and allow the shoe to keep better traction.

Use B-Sharp Traction Action before your game begins. Soak a clean cloth in this liquid and rub your shoes over it. This will instantly increase the traction and the grip of the soles of your shoes. This will wear off and needs to be applied to the shoes several times during a game.

Use a Stick'um Mat during the game. This is similar to B-Sharp Traction Action except it comes in a mat form. The mat can be placed in front of the team's bench and stepped on before a teammate enters the court. This is known to last longer than Traction Action.


Both Traction Action and Stick'um Mat can be purchased from any sporting goods store.

Things You'll Need

  • Clean cloth
  • B-Sharp Traction Action
  • Stick'um Mat
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