How to Adjust the Speed for a Honda Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Updated April 17, 2017

So many factors influence the way your lawn looks. Homeowners often forget that the speed at which you mow can determine the quality of your cut. Of course, some of us simply want to rush through the once-a-week, Saturday afternoon task, while others resist that temptation and choose to mow slowly. It is easy to adjust the speed on your Honda self-propelled lawnmower.

Prepare the mower for starting by releasing the drive clutch lever, turning the fuel valve on and adjusting the throttle to the appropriate spot, based on whether the mower is warm or cold. Start the mower by pulling briskly on the starting grip and releasing once the engine starts.

Move the throttle to "fast" once the mower has started. Press the yellow button on top of the blade control lever to start the blade and keep it running.

Adjust your Honda self-propelled mower to your preferred speed by moving the shift lever on the left side of the mower handlebar, adjacent to the throttle. Press the shift lever forward to increase speed and pull it back to reduce speed. Set it in the slow range for optimum mowing results.

Push the drive clutch lever forward. Grasp it and the main handlebar assembly with your hands to set the mower into motion.


Use the higher speed range on the shift lever for transporting the mower.

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  • Honda self-propelled lawnmower
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