How to convert stereo speakers to computer speakers

Updated February 21, 2017

Since many people store most of their music on their computers, it only makes sense to listen to your music through your computer. But sometimes computer speakers just are not powerful enough to provide the sound quality and volume you are looking for. In order to change this and attach high-quality speakers to your computer, replace your computer speakers with stereo speakers.

Power down your stereo and unhook the speakers.

Arrange the speakers. For the best sound quality, one speaker should be on each side of the computer facing you and unobstructed by any objects. Some speakers are labelled left and right, if so place them in their respective places.

Find the speaker that contains a power switch and volume control. Turn the volume all the way down, and turn the power off.

Connect your speakers together by plugging in the other speaker into the powered speaker's "PC or Audio" input jack on the back. Use the speaker wires that came with the speakers.

Locate the audio output port on your computer. Compare it with the end of your stereo's input cable. If they do not match, you will have to get an adaptor to make the two different ports compatible. Most computers have a 3.5 inch mini port, versus many stereo speakers which have a RCA style port. Most likely you will require a female 3.5 inch to male RCA cable adaptor.

Put the cable adaptor in your computer's "Audio Out" jack.

Plug your powered speaker's cable into the computer's "Audio Out" adaptor.

Connect the AC adaptor into the powered speaker's input and turn on the speakers with the power switch.

Turn the volume controller up on the back of the powered speaker.

Test your speakers by clicking on an audio file on your computer and playing it.


If you don't hear any music, click your volume control icon, disable the mute or raise the volume on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Female 3.5 inch to male RCA cable adaptor
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