How to Hook Up a Radio AV Receiver to a Computer

Updated February 21, 2017

A radio AV receiver sends audio and video signals wirelessly to a recording device, typically for surveillance and security purposes. The system uses a remote camera and microphone assembly to transmit picture and sound to the radio AV receiver, which can then be connected to a monitoring and recording device, such as a personal computer. The connections should take less than five minutes.

Unplug the AV receiver and shut down the computer before connecting the equipment.

Plug the red RCA cable into the Audio OUT jack on the radio AV receiver, then connect the mini-plug on the other end of the cable to the Line IN jack on the computer's sound card.

Insert the yellow RCA video cable into the Video OUT jack on the AV receiver and connect the other end to the video card on the back of the computer's central processing unit.


Some radio AV receivers are equipped with a USB plug for simplified connections. The device can be attached directly to a PC with any free USB port.

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