How to Draw a Pug Dog Step-by-Step

Updated February 21, 2017

Drawing has become a popular hobby and can be a contemporary art form. There are several types of drawing styles, and those who develop their skills will normally come up with their own unique styles. Drawing, like other art forms, is a form of expression. You can use art in all facets of life, and drawing life is no exception. Popular art themes today include animal drawings, dogs in particular. Pugs are small dogs that have wrinkled faces, and that is probably part of their appeal. Drawing pugs step by step is no small matter, but it does not have to be difficult.

Draw a medium-sized circle. This will be the beginning of the head. Inside the circle, draw facial guidelines.

Draw a slightly larger circle underneath the facial circle. This is the beginning of the torso. Draw the limb guidelines as well as outline the front and hind leg shapes.

Go back to the head. Referencing your photo, draw the shapes of the ears, eyes and nose and form the wrinkles in the neck.

Shape out the front legs and add some definition. Again, use your photo as a reference.

Draw in and darken the pupils of the eyes, and then focus on drawing the jowls of the pug, as well as the tongue if it is visible in your photo.

Add definition to the wrinkles in the neck.

Add details around the ears and paws.

Draw the bum lining behind the front paws.

Draw the toenails and the separation of the black muzzle.

Add last minute definition details and make the lines around the muzzle more prominent.

Erase all sketch guidelines and add shading.


You can use any drawing medium for this piece of art. From here, you can leave it black and white, colour it with a variety of mediums or paint it. You must reference your photo unless you have a photographic memory and can draw this animal without a reference.

Things You'll Need

  • Picture of a pug in a sitting position
  • Drawing paper or sketch pad
  • Pencil
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