How to Make a Funeral Booklet

Updated April 17, 2017

A funeral or memorial service booklet is a program that family members can pass out to other loved ones and friends at the start of the service. The booklet usually contains the schedule of events for the day, as well as the names of those participating. Family members often add favourite bible passages, poems or hymns and information about the loved one who has just passed. Creating a funeral booklet can be a difficult emotional experience, but is a task that can be finished relatively quickly.

Choose a template, which is the simplest way to put together a funeral booklet. Available for purchase at a variety of online funeral-planning sites, these inexpensive templates have a number of designs from which to choose. By using a pre-designed format, you are free to spend your time choosing the photos, memories and special words you would like to include.

Microsoft Word also has generic photo templates that may be used, but these will require more time and hands-on adjustments of structure and page set-up.

Import photos that you would like to share with friends and loved ones. Include a bit of personal history, for the benefit of those who may have only recently met the deceased, or only known him or her in a business capacity.

Add any hymns or passages that may have been important to your loved one, but limit the selection to one to three. Should you be unable to think of any relevant passages, most purchased templates have links to the most popular.

Include detailed information about the schedule of memorial services, including directions to the cemetery and wake. While this may not seem that important while assembling the booklet, the day of the funeral will be difficult enough, and clear scheduling information will prevent unnecessary confusion.

If possible, also include the names of those participating in services, from eulogizers to pallbearers, as grieving friends may wish to pay their respects to those closest to the deceased.

Print as many copies of the booklet as you will need. Most templates allow you to utilise your home printer, or you may e-mail the job to a local copy and print centre. The copy centre is an added expense, but rates are very low (often two to 10 cents per page), and they will collate and fold the booklets for you. This will save a lot of time, especially if you need to print many booklets.

Things You'll Need

  • Template
  • Printer
  • Printer paper
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