How To Train Chugs Puppies

Updated April 17, 2017

Chug puppies are an adorable mix of the pug and Chihuahua breeds. Although not a purebred, they are highly sought after due to their lively and playful manner. Because of their tiny size (about 3.63kg.) they are more suited to be indoor dogs due to the obvious dangers that exist in the outdoors. Like all puppies, your chug will need a lot of love and patience when learning his social and potty skills. It's best to start as early as possible and spend a lot of time with your puppy so that you can learn his personality and signals that it's time for a visit outside to potty.

Find a safe place in your home to keep a constant fresh supply of water and for regular feeding times. Feed your puppy properly according to his age and weight.

Place a leash on your puppy and take him outside as soon as he is finished eating. Make this a part of his normal routine. Wait for the puppy to potty while staying close enough to ensure his safety but at enough distance that he knows this is not playtime. Also take your puppy outside to potty after a nap, extended playtime and before bedtime.

When the puppy is finished, praise him with a pleasant and loving tone and give him a treat. However, if the puppy doesn't potty after about 20 minutes, don't praise him or punish him. Quietly take him back inside and try again a little later.

Take your chug on regular walks to encourage proper social skills and to keep him from becoming introverted and bashful as can happen with chugs who are not exposed to strangers. Have a wide variety of colourful chewing toys around to keep him from cutting his teeth on shoes and furniture.


Only give your chug his treats when he has accomplished what you have attempted to teach him. Choose a special 1- to 2-word phrase to use every time you take him out to potty. Over time, he will learn to associate the phrase with the action. A well trained dog is always a well loved dog. Be firm and consistent but lavish your puppy with attention as often as you can.


Chug puppies are very tiny. Do not allow the puppy to sleep with you to avoid his suffocation. Puppies have very little control over their bladder and bowels at first so do not scare or hurt your puppy if he has an accident. Accidents are not disobedience.

Things You'll Need

  • Puppy treats
  • Leash
  • Designated feeding and watering area
  • Puppy chew toys
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