How to Open a Sani-Fresh Soap Dispenser

Updated February 21, 2017

A Sani-Fresh soap dispenser is a wall-mounted plastic soap dispenser made to stand up to regular use in a public rest room. By pressing a button on the device, individuals dispense a small amount of soap. Produced by Kimberly-Clark, a corporation known for personal care brands such as Kleenex and Scott, the Sani-Fresh dispenser is easy to use and maintain. Only use Sani-Fresh brand soap cartridges with the dispenser when you open it for refilling.

Position your fingers at the top of the cover. The Sani-Fresh soap dispenser has catches on the inside of the cover going around the top and halfway down the sides. At the bottom are hinges that will allow the cover to swing down while remaining attached.

Pull on the cover with gentle force away from the wall at a slight upward angle.

Swing the cover downward when the interior catches release.

Things You'll Need

  • Sani-Fresh soap dispenser
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