How to put music from a CD to a SD card

Updated March 23, 2017

Secure digital, or SD cards, can be used across multiple electronic items, thanks to standardisation by the SD Card Association. The SD Card Association has ensured that all makes and models of the SD card are manufactured to exacting standards. This makes it a simple matter to put music from a CD onto an SD card. Music can be transferred through Microsoft Explorer by dragging and dropping from the music CD to the SD card, or ripped by using the Windows Media Program.

Turn on or boot your computer. The computer offers many options for transferring music from a CD to a SD card. Insert the SD card into the computer. Most modern computers have SD card readers built in. Just insert the SD card into the proper slot.

Older computers may need to have a USB SD Card reader. Insert the USB Cable into an open USB port before inserting the SD Card into the reader.

Insert the music CD into the CD player. Windows Media may start automatically to rip the music CD onto your computer hard drive. If this happens, in the lower-right section of the screen is a button to stop the process.

To use Windows Media Player to copy the music from the CD to the SD card, click on the arrow below the "RIP" button. Select "More Options."

On the "More Options" window, click on the "Change" button. From there navigate to the SD card. It will be located under "Computer."

Click on "OK" and "Apply" to close out the two windows that opened. Now, you should be back at the Windows Media Screen.

Check the boxes beside the music CD tracks you wish to copy to the SD card.

Click the "RIP" button and the music will transfer automatically. The Windows Media program will automatically open a new folder and add the files for you. You can change the files through Windows Explorer, if you desire, after the transfer is complete.

Remove the SD card by first ejecting it from computer software. Click on the icon by the clock to eject the SD card. You can also go to "Start" then "Computer" and, by right-clicking on the SD icon, eject it from this screen.

After you receive a "safe to remove hardware" notice, pull the SD card from the reader. This will prevent accidental damage to the SD card and to any music files that have not been completely transferred.


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Things You'll Need

  • Computer with attached CD or DVD player
  • SD card reader
  • SD card


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