How to Remove an Audi Stereo

Updated February 21, 2017

Audi makes the removal of your stereo an easy task by design. Using either specially made Audi tools for your radio make and model, or nail files, you can quickly remove the stereo. After the removal, you can use the space created to replace your stereo with anything from a satellite GPS system to an in-dash computer.

Place a stereo removal tool (available at any audio dealership) or a nail file into one of the slots located at the bottom of the radio. If using the tool, angle it toward the inside of the radio; the tool will catch on the spring clip securing the radio. If using a nail file, slide the file in at a slight angle directed to the outside of the radio. At the end of the slot, straighten the file slightly inward to catch the spring clip.

Move the clip toward the centre of the radio to disengage the locking mechanism.

Repeat the process for the other three slots surrounding the radio, using a separate tool for each and leaving the unlocking tool in place to hold the sliding lock mechanism open.

Slide the radio out slowly, pulling at the corners of the unit to remove it from the radio compartment.

Remove the unlocking tools from the slot by pushing the clips at the side of the radio towards the radio body and slipping the tools from the slot. Or, remove nail files by sliding them from the slots.

Remove any cables connecting the radio to the automobile. Unscrew the wired connector from the rear of the radio to completely disconnect the radio from the Audi dashboard.


Place masking tape on the joints surrounding the radio to prevent scratches from developing as you remove the radio.

Things You'll Need

  • Radio unlocking tools
  • Nail files
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