How to keep a duvet from sliding

Updated November 21, 2016

Duvet covers can vastly prolong the life of your duvet or down comforter, and allow you to keep the bedding clean without constantly hauling your duvet off to the dry cleaners. Unfortunately, making the bed can become a real headache with a duvet that is always slipping around inside the cover. Some duvet covers come with clips or snaps that hold the duvet in place securely, but you can easily make your own duvet holders to keep your duvet from sliding.

Purchase twill tape from a fabric or craft store. It is generally available in packs starting at 3 yards, but shorter lengths can often be cut at the fabric counter.

Cut the twill tape into four 12-inch segments.

Turn the duvet cover inside out over your work surface so that you have access to the interior side of the corners.

Sew a length of twill tape to each of the corners of the cover, making your stitches halfway along the length of twill tape (so that you have 6 inches of twill on each side of the seam).

Tie the bottom corners of the duvet to the bottom corners of the duvet cover using the newly attached twill tape (the cover should still be inside out at this point). A simple bow works best for tying the duvet to the cover, and is easy to untie when you need to remove and wash the cover in the future.

Turn the duvet cover right-side out again and shake the duvet into place from the bottom. The tied corners will hold the cover in place while you do so.

Tie the upper corners of the duvet to the upper corners of the cover with the twill tape, and shake once more to fluff everything into place.

Things You'll Need

  • 48 inches of twill tape
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread
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