How to Take Off the Base From a Toshiba 37LX96

Updated February 21, 2017

The Toshiba 37LX96 is a 37-inch, flat-panel, high definition liquid crystal display (LCD) television with a built-in digital videodisc (DVD) player. Flat-panel (or flat-screen) televisions can sit on a TV stand using the attached base, or the TV may be mounted on a wall if the base is removable. The Toshiba 37LX96 comes with a removable base stand.

Turn off and unplug your Toshiba 37LX96 TV.

Disconnect any additional electronics that may be attached to your TV.

Place the TV face down on the floor. If you do not have carpeting, place it on a blanket to avoid scratching the TV screen or the floor.

Unscrew the two plastic bolts on each side of the TV stand's base; there is one bolt on each side. Set the screws aside for safekeeping.

Pull the base away from the TV with one hand and use the other hand to hold the TV up. Most flat-screen TVs are not heavy, but you might need help holding the TV up while you're pulling the base off. Keep the base and bolts in a safe place in case you would like to reattach the base later.


Mount the TV to the wall if you've removed the base; the TV can fall over easily without the base stand attached.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
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