How to Waterproof a Laptop

Updated April 17, 2017

Most new laptops are more durable than their predecessors, but the problem of how to protect the components from moisture still exists. A few vendors such as Terralogic, Panasonic and Rugged Notebooks have invested heavily in research to make waterproof laptops a reality for consumers willing to pay a premium for them. For a fraction of the cost, you can buy a waterproof case and make water-resistant keyboard and screen covers that will protect your laptop from accidental spills and all but the worst of the elements.

Locate and purchase a waterproof carry bag or case that fits your laptop, and always store and transport the laptop in it. Use the vendor's instructions for measuring the laptop dimensions to ensure a snug fit.

Locate and purchase a silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover that fits your laptop, and place it over the keyboard when you type. This will prevent liquids from spilling through the keyboard.

Locate and purchase a waterproof laptop skin that fits your laptop, and adhere it to the top and bottom halves of the case. Skins seal the casing seams against moisture seepage.

Locate and purchase a waterproof laptop screen protector and adhere it to the screen to protect against splashes and moisture seepage.

Measure the length and width of the laptop cover top piece. For the length, open the laptop and start at the inside edge of the lid (below the screen), continue over the top of the screen and all the way down the back to the bottom of the lid outside edge.

Measure the length of the laptop cover bottom piece. For the length, measure from the top edge of the keyboard all the way around to the back of the laptop bottom.

Close the laptop, measure the width from side to side, and add an inch to it. This will be the width for both pieces of the water-resistant laptop cover.

Cut the vinyl sheeting in two pieces to the lengths and widths of your measurements. You will wrap these around the laptop lid and bottom to deter moisture or spills.

Center the sheets width-wise (there should be overhang), wrap them around the parts you measured them for and fasten them at both ends with clear electrical tape.


Avoid completely covering any ventilation holes on the laptop bottom or back. Use scissors to cut ventilation access in the sheeting if necessary.

Things You'll Need

  • Waterproof laptop carry bag or case
  • Silicone or clear plastic keyboard cover
  • 36- by 22-inch piece of clear, thin vinyl sheeting
  • Clear half-inch vinyl plastic electrical tape
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