How to Delete Pages in Microsoft Word

Updated February 21, 2017

Microsoft Word is a popular word-processing program that comes with Microsoft's Office package. Word makes it easy to compose, save and print documents--but sometimes, due to the formatting of a document, there may be blank pages, extra pages at the end of documents or pages of information that you want to remove. Removing unwanted blank pages or pages of text can reduce the clutter of your document and save paper and ink if you print the document.

Open Word, then open the document with pages you wish to delete.

Under the "Paragraph" toolbar on the "Home" tab (the default tab when you open Word) click the ¶ button. This will display all paragraph breaks, including blank spaces.

Go to the page you want to delete and left click with your cursor at the top right corner of the back before the first bit of text or blank space.

Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor down to the bottom of the page. This will highlight all the text and blank paragraph spaces on the page. Make sure all the ¶ icons and text are highlighted in blue before releasing the left click button.

Press the "Delete" key.


Blank paragraph spaces can be used to space pages of text and can be added and deleted by pressing "Enter" and "Delete" respectively while the text editor bar is on a blank line. If you are deleting something at the end of a document, there may only be text or blank paragraph spaces going part way down the page.

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