How to Build a LEGO Stormtrooper Army

Updated February 21, 2017

LEGO Stormtrooper figurines and mini figurines are rare collectable toys. A complete Stormtrooper army would be impressive and valuable, and in imaginary play, it would be a fighting force the rebels would have a hard time beating. Star Wars LEGO sets allow you to play as though you are in the movies. Building a Stormtrooper army is not difficult, though it may take some time to gather an entire army.

Determine the size of your army, and your budget. Stormtrooper mini-figures are rare and they are usually not sold individually. Only a few LEGO sets include Stormtroopers. To get LEGO Stormtroopers individually, you generally have to obtain them from third-party sources at collector rates.

Find all of the Stormtroopers you already own and bring them together into one place. Figure out how many more stormtroopers you need to complete your army based on your determined size and budget. Take an inventory of your other LEGOs to help you figure out whether sets or individual Stormtroopers make more economic sense.

Gather the rest of the LEGO Stormtroopers you need. They are available for sale at a variety of auction sites and collector sites. Check garage sales, comic book stores or other places that sell collectable figurines. You also might be able to find them at sci-fi or game conventions. You can buy them individually or as a group, but sometimes it makes more sense to buy them in the building sets.

Assemble each Stormtrooper. Push the leg piece into the bottom of each torso. Snap the helmet over the head.

Slide a blaster gun into one of the hands of each Stormtrooper.

Arrange your Stormtrooper army in rows and columns, ready for battle.


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