How to block TV channels

Updated February 21, 2017

The television landscape has exploded in the past few years, with literally thousands of channels available to cable and satellite TV subscribers. With so many choices, some consumers may wish to block channels they never watch in order to surf through the remaining channels more efficiently. And more importantly, parents may wish to block certain channels that contain content they don't want their children to view. Luckily, most televisions come equipped with the technology to block channels with just a few touches of a button.

Write down the numbers of all the channels you wish to block. It's best to do this before you start, rather than trying to remember them or access them in the middle of the procedure.

Turn on the TV and access the parental controls menu. The exact method varies depending on the type of TV you have. Most televisions have a "Menu" button on the remote. When you press it, a list of options appears on your screen, which you can scroll through until you find the one you want. (In this case, it will be labelled "Parental Controls," "Channel Blocking" or something similar.) Highlight it and then press the "Select" button on the remote, which is usually the centre button inside the four arrow keys.

Enter your password, if necessary. Some TVs utilise a password to access parental controls (in order to keep the children from engaging in any mischief). If you haven't entered a password before, you may need to do so now. Or you can ignore it and proceed to the next step.

Select the "Custom" option to pick which channels you wish to block. Again, the precise method depends on the type of television you have. In many cases, you'll be presented with a list of channels, each accompanied by a box; check the box next to each channel you wish to block . For other sets, you may need to enter the channel number into the keypad on your remote. Consult your instruction manual if you have questions about the procedure for your particular television set.

Highlight and press the "OK" button, the "Exit" button, or the "Finished" button on your screen when you have selected all the channels you wish to block.

Test the blocking by pressing the numbers of a blocked channel into your remote. The TV should refuse to go to that channel. You can also test it by channel surfing until you reach a blocked channel. The TV should pass over the blocked channel without stopping.


Keep your television password written down somewhere and in a safe place such as your wallet. If you can't remember it, you might need to reset the whole system and stat again from scratch. Again, depending on the TV. In addition to blocking entire channels, most televisions have a V-chip, which lets you block individual shows while allowing other shows on the same channel. Consult your instruction manual for more details if you wish to utilise this option.

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