How to Exterminate Carpet Beetles

Updated February 21, 2017

Are you trying to exterminate carpet beetles in your home? Carpet beetles are common in many homes and they can cause damage just like termites. Like termites and cockroaches, getting rid of carpet beetles can be a daunting task, since they have an ability to thrive in just about any living situation. Having a very clean home with no food crumbs anywhere will deter carpet beetles, since they love human food. Fortunately, you can remove and prevent the spread of carpet beetles with some common cleaning items.

Hunt for carpet beetles throughout your home to find the source. Look through dresser drawers, in closets, boxes, on rugs and furniture. Focus your attention on the areas where you find the beetle infestation.

Vacuum the entire house twice to remove any minute food particles or dead bugs upon which the carpet beetles feed. Vacuum around corners and even in the couch cushions to remove crumbs.

Wash any clothes that may have carpet beetles on them in hot water to kill larvae. Dry them in an automatic dryer and then iron them to kill any eggs.

Clean all counter tops and baseboards with bleach spray to deter and kill carpet beetles around the floors.

Spray insecticide that is specially made to kill carpet beetles on furniture and around areas where the carpet beetles are living. You may have to spray twice, but read the product's label.

Freeze items that have been infested with carpet beetles for 48 hours. Freezing kills the eggs.

Prevent future carpet beetle infestations by keeping the floors very clean and the counter tops clean and sprayed down with bleach each night. Do not leave food or dirty dishes out.


You may need to hire an exterminator if the beetles keep reappearing despite using preventive measures.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Bleach spray
  • Insecticide spray
  • Clothing iron
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