How to Spot Fake Ray Ban Sunglasses

Updated April 17, 2017

Ray Ban sunglasses are one of the most popular brands on the market. Unfortunately, their price reflects that popularity. If you want to buy a pair of Ray Bans, then you better be prepared to pay the price. The more you spend, the more careful you are about taking care of your purchase. You need to be confident that you are getting genuine Ray Bans and not fakes.

Purchase your sunglasses. Open the box your glasses came in and check to see if everything is there that should be. This includes the Ray Bans, a case, an authenticity card and a cleaning cloth.

Inspect the box containing the sunglasses. The container should be a silver or grey and have a sticker. On this sticker should be a barcode along with details about the model number, frame number, dimension, lens type and the distributor's name.

Examine the red Ray Ban sticker on the front of the box and confirm that it has the authentic logo with the trademark sign.

Examine the gold Luxicotta logo sticker that will appear on either the case, the glasses or both. The logo should appear sharp and the writing clean to the naked eye. The black jagged circle should be perfectly centred inside the yellow background.

Examine the authenticity card. The card should be tough and the writing should be sharpt. Flick through the card and look for any typos or grammatical mistakes as these are errors that would not appear with an authentic set of Ray Bans.

Locate the Ray Ban logo at the temple area of the glasses. This logo should be on the outside and be etched into the framework. If the logo stands out too far then it has probably been stuck on and the glasses are fake.

Check any rubber that is either on the frame or the case. If real, this rubber will be of high quality and have a chalky texture. You should not be able to describe the rubber as being slimy, stiff or slick.

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