How to Download Iron Man Hulkbuster onto 'The Incredible Hulk' Game

Updated February 21, 2017

Sega's video game "The Incredible Hulk," based on the 2008 film of the same name, allows players to assume the role of the classic comic book character as he rampages through and destroys New York City. In it, you can also unlock the ability to play as superhero Iron Man in his Hulkbuster armour, which he dons whenever he needs to battle the Hulk.

Insert the "Iron Man" video game into your system and begin playing.

When possible, save your game and remove the disc.

Insert the "Incredible Hulk" disc and begin playing. On the character selection screen the Hulkbuster Iron Man should be available.


If you don't own the "Iron Man" video game and do not wish to buy it but still want to play as Hulkbuster Iron Man, rent "Iron Man" from a video store or borrow it from a friend. Unlocking Hulkbuster Iron Man does not require ownership of the "Iron Man" game but merely presence of an "Iron Man" save file on the same hard drive as "The Incredible Hulk" save data.

Things You'll Need

  • PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360
  • "The Incredible Hulk" 2008 video game
  • "Iron Man" 2008 video game
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