How to Untangle Electrical Cords

Updated February 21, 2017

With an increased number of electrical gadgets comes an increased number of electrical cords. When you have cords running from the electrical socket or surge protector to the television, cable box, VCR, computer and gaming devices, the cords are bound to get tangled as you play games and move devices around. Cords can also become tangled when you store several cords together in a drawer or on a shelf. Untangling electrical cords doesn't require any advanced skills, but if you are untangling more than a couple of cords, it does require patience.

Unplug all electrical cords from the power supply.

Look for the uppermost cord on top of the tangled pile of cords. Try to loosen it from the other cords, and feed it through the loops and tangles where possible. If you can't get your finger in between the top cord and another cord because it is too tight, try loosening it with a small screwdriver. Slide the screwdriver into the middle of the tangle to loosen it, and work the cord all the way through the mess.

Go to the next uppermost cord in the tangle, and repeat step 2.

Continue untangling the pile by working with just one cord at a time, the uppermost cord in the pile. Stick with a cord all the way until you have it untangled from the pile.

Arrange the untangled electrical cords into a neat bundle. After you plug them back into the power supply or before you store them, place cable ties around the cords to keep them in order and to keep them from becoming tangled again.


Do not attempt to untangle cords that are still plugged into the electrical socket or you might get shocked. Be careful not to puncture the electrical cords when you are untangling them with a screwdriver.

Things You'll Need

  • Small screwdriver
  • Cable ties or twist ties
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