The Difference Between a CD Lens Cleaner and DVD Lens Cleaner

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Keeping your player's laser lens clean is important, but you might wonder what the difference is in the plethora of lens cleaning CD's available today. Ensuring that you will not damage your device through the use of such a product is priority number one.


Since CD players were invented, users noticed that even under the sealed player's plastic coverings, dust was able to creep in and collect on the laser lens. After this observation, the ubiquitous CD laser lens cleaner disc began to creep into the marketplace.


The benefits of a lens cleaning CD is that your lens will have the dust removed from it, thereby allowing the laser to read the disc fully. This keeps skips out of your music, and keeps track changes fast and reliable.

CD-DVD Lens Cleaners: Any Difference?

There is no difference in most lens cleaners made nowadays, as most are designed to clean CD, DVD, Blue-ray, and other CD or DVD lens types. However, make sure that the lens cleaner you buy is made for multiple disc formats, just to be safe.

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