How to Use Mink Oil as a Leather Protection

Updated July 20, 2017

Owning leather jackets, shoes or other clothes items can be a great investment. Leather can last longer than most fabrics, is more durable and can be easier to keep clean. Many of us spend hundreds of dollars on leather items, but many people do not protect their leather or treat it to keep it supple, soft and free of cracking. Using a substance like mink oil can ensure your leather stays its best.

Wipe any debris or spills off of the leather with one of your cotton cloths. You may need to dampen the cloth slightly, but make sure you dry off the leather immediately after wiping it off.

Place a small dab of mink oil on the other cotton cloth (cloth diapers work great for this)--about a dime-size to a nickel-size dab depending on the amount of leather to be treated.

Gently rub the mink oil into the leather in concentric circles starting in the centre and working your way out. Make sure you rub it completely into the leather.

Reapply mink oil to the cotton cloth as needed to ensure even, ample coverage.

Continue rubbing mink oil into your leather until you have completely treated the piece. It is OK to overlap treated areas, but you want to make sure it is rubbed in completely and there is no mink oil left standing on the surface of the leather.

Hang the leather for 12-24 hours to dry.


Treat your leather every three to six months to keep it supple and soft and to prevent cracking.


Never use mink oil on suede or microsuede.

Things You'll Need

  • Bottle of mink oil
  • 2 soft, cotton cloths
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