How to Adjust a Samsung Monitor Screen

Updated February 21, 2017

Adjusting a Samsung monitor screen may need to be done to correct the colour; or to increase or decrease the brightness and the contrast. You can do this using the built-in adjustment options on the monitor or using a software program that you can download and install from Samsung. Both of these options provide you with the ability to make adjustments using a menu that is displayed on the screen.

Press the "MagicBright" button on the monitor. The MagicBright button is the one with the down arrow on the front of the monitor.

Press the "MagicBright" button again to scroll through the available options. Select any option except Dynamic Contrast.

Press the "Menu" button on the front of the monitor to display the Picture menu.

Press the "Source" button and then press the "Up" or "Down" arrows to select the Brightness or Contrast options.

Press the "Source" button again to display the adjustment bar.

Press the "Up" or "Down" arrow buttons on the front of the monitor to increase or decrease the level of brightness or contrast.

Download the MagicTune program that is available from Samsung. Save the program to a location on your hard drive, such as the desktop. Double click the file to install the program.

Double click the shortcut for "MagicTune" on the desktop.

Select the "Picture" button to make changes to the monitor, such as the brightness and contrast. Select Brightness, Contrast or Resolution on the left and then move the slider to adjust the setting.


Press the "Menu" button three times to exist the on-screen menu.


Staring at a monitor screen that is too bright can cause your eyes to become tired and dry.

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