How to protect a wood floor from chair wheels

Updated February 21, 2017

Wood floors add beauty or rustic feel to a home or office. However, many people have with wood floors is maintaining them. Wood can be scratched by moving furniture, and some of the biggest offenders are chairs that are dragged along the floor toward or away from tables or desks. And even chairs with rollers can damage wood floors unless precautions are taken.

Most chair wheels are made of plastic and will scratch the floor badly over time. Flip each rolling chair over and unscrew or pull out each of the wheels.

Screw or push in the rubber wheels in each of the chair legs. Rubber is softer and is recommended for bare wood and other sensitive surfaces.

Position a plastic mat to cover the area where the chair is used. Throw rugs work well as an alternative. This works best if the chair is for a desk.

Place the wheeled chair on top of the mat. If you also installed rubber wheels, and your chair rolls off the mat, the rubber wheels won't damage the floor either.

Things You'll Need

  • 4 rubber chair wheels
  • Plastic mat or throw rug
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