How to Remove Cat Hair From Fleece

Updated April 13, 2018

Fleece is a soft and sort of fuzzy type of material. It is commonly used to make blankets, but is also used to make clothing. If you have a fleece outfit on, or are covered in a fleece blanket, you can bet your cat will want to come and snuggle with you. When your cat gets up, you will be left with a bunch of cat hair and you will not be able to simply brush the cat hair off of the fleece. So, you may need to resort to taking more serious measures to free yourself or the blanket of that pesky hair.

Run a lint brush across the fleece to collect the cat hair. If you prefer, you can use a lint roller. Just roll the lint roller across the fleece until the lint roller is full of fur. Then remove the top layer and throw it away.

Wrap masking tape around your four fingers. Press your fingers down on the fleece over the cat hair. Lift your hands up quickly and look at the tape. The cat hair will be stuck to it. Continue doing this, replacing the tape when it is covered, until you have collected all of the hair.

Place the vacuum attachment with the bristles on the vacuum cleaner. Turn the vacuum on and run the attachment over the fleece. The bristles will trap the cat hair and it will get sucked up in to the vacuum.

Purchase a set of Sticky Sheets (see resources). Lay the sticky sheet over your fleece. Press down, and then pull up. The sheets are large and can get cat hair off of the entire area at once.


Try to brush your cat's fur once per day with a cat brush. This will reduce the amount of fur that your cat is shedding on your fleece. You can also wrap the masking tape around a paint roller and roll it over the fleece to collect the cat hair. It's a type of homemade lint roller.

Things You'll Need

  • Lint brush or lint roller
  • Masking tape
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachment
  • Sticky Sheets
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