How to Send a Blind Email on Microsoft Outlook

Blind e-mails are a way to send a message to a person without any other recipient of the message knowing that the blindly copied person was included in the distribution. Most e-mail programs, including Microsoft Office Outlook, have an option to specify the recipients of a blind carbon copy.

Create a new e-mail message by pressing "CTRL+N" or by clicking "NEW" and selecting "Mail Message" from the Outlook toolbar.

Click on the "Options" menu and select "BCC." This will add a BCC box to the header of the new e-mail message.

Add the e-mail addresses in the BCC box. Any of the people who are added to this box will see everyone in the "TO" and "CC" boxes, but the other recipients (including other BCC recipients) will not see them.

Add one or more e-mail address to the "TO" line. Add a subject and message body, then click "Send."


Use the regular carbon-copy settings for messages that may have a significant amount of replies, so that the people blind copied do not miss relevant messages. If you forward a message that you sent, that had blind copies, the list of BCC recipients my be displayed.


In many companies, blind carbon copies are considered ethically problematic, especially when they are used to keep people informed of subjects secretly. Use blind copies with caution.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2007
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