How to use a gaming chair

Gaming Chairs are chairs specifically designed for playing video games on a PC or video game console. Most gaming chairs contain speakers for a full surround-sound experience, as well as ergonomic design in the chair itself, allowing users to play for extended periods of time without back pain or discomfort. More expensive chairs may feature vibrating backrests, attachable footrests, and even cup holders built into padded armrests (because every gamer needs their soda pop.)

Remove your chair components from the box for assembly. Your package will include a user-manual, which will have instructions for chair assembly.

Follow the instructions closely, as using a poorly-assembled chair during use may lead to injury (plus, no one wants to fall out of their chair mid-game!) At this point you may need to run cables from one part of the chair to another. You should not be attaching any cables to your TV, PC or gaming console at this time.

Check the fully-assembled chair to be sure everything is secure. Tighten any screws that appear loose. Try sitting in the chair before use to be sure of comfort and the integrity of assembly.

Position the chair so that the power cord is within reach of a power outlet. The user's manual for the Pyramat PC Gaming Chair recommends placing the chair within seven feet of the outlet.

Plug the power adaptor into the wall, and then into the chair. Turn on the power.

Charge the chair if it requires charging. Some chairs might simply run while plugged in, while others charge for several hours and are then used while unplugged. If your chair requires charging, be sure to keep it plugged in for the full amount of time recommended. Undercharging your chair during its first plug-in may shorten the battery-life. The Pyramat gaming chair requires 12 hours of charging.

For PCs, locate the wireless transmitter included with the chair. The wireless communicator can be plugged into your computer via the headphone jack; the communicator will transmit information to the chair when turned on. If your chair does not include a wireless communicator, there will be a cable that connects directly from the chair to the headphone jack.

For game consoles, locate the wireless adaptor included with the chair. There will be a cable that can connect the adaptor to the red and white audio prongs running from the game system. If your chair does not have a wireless adaptor, it will have a cable that runs directly from the chair to the audio cables coming from your system. If your console is plugged into your televisions coaxial input, run the cords instead from the back of the television to the adaptor. If you do not use standard AV cables on your console, you may need to purchase an adaptor for the chair separately. Lastly, if your chair does not include a wireless adaptor, the cords will need to plug into the chair directly.

Turn the chair on. It should now be ready for use. Adjust the volume control on the chair (and the vibrate control if your chair has it) to the level most comfortable for you. When not using the chair, be sure to leave it plugged in so that it may charge. Lastly, you may want to unplug any cables while not in use so that no damage comes to the chair or your PC/console from persons or pets tripping over the wires.


Every chair is different. For optimal use, be sure to check the user's manual for specific instructions of set-up and settings.

Things You'll Need

  • Gaming console or gaming PC
  • Alan wrench or screwdrivers, for chair assembly (if needed)
  • Wall outlet
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