How to Record Music on a Yamaha Clavinova

You can record one song (approximately 11,000 notes) on a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano. This song can be played back at any time, or erased and replaced with a new one.

Select the voice and settings you would like to use in your recording.

Press the red "Record" button, labelled "REC." The light on the button will start flashing.

Begin playing. This will initiate the recording. You can also press the green "Play" button to begin recording.

To stop recording, press the "Record" button again. The lights on the "Play" and "Record" buttons will begin flashing simultaneously until the song has been transferred to the Clavinova's internal memory.

After the lights have stopped flashing, the indicator light on the "Play" button will light up. Press the "Play" button at this time to listen to your recording.

Press the "Play" button again to stop playback.

Erase your recording and replace it with a new one by pressing the "Record" button again and playing a new song.


If you have Musicsoft Downloader, you can transfer your recorded song to a computer.


Do not turn off the Clavinova while the data is being transferred to its internal memory following a recording session. This will erase all recorded data.

Things You'll Need

  • Yamaha Clavinova digital piano
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