How to make rope bracelets

Updated March 23, 2017

Rope bracelets are creative and thoughtful gifts that are simple and cost-efficient to make. They can probably be traced back to colourful, knotted wristbands and other traditional fibre crafts of the indigenous cultures of Central and South America. There are many different rope bracelet styles. While some patterns are complex and intricate, there are a few simple rope bracelet designs anyone can do very easily and quickly. Start by learning how to do the twist and braid styles.

Measure a 3-foot length of rope in each colour, then cut the rope with your scissors. Use as many colours as you'd like, but at least two. Match up the ends of the different ropes and hold one end in each hand tightly.

Use both hands to twist the two ends of the rope in opposite directions. For example, your right hand should twist the rope in a downward motion, while your left hand twists in an upward motion. Twist the rope as tight as you can and tug it taught.

Fold the twisted, taught rope in half, and hold on to each new end in either hand. The length of the rope is now 1 1/2 feet.

Repeat the twisting motion from Step 2 with the shortened rope. Secure both ends of the twist with an overhand knot. If you are unfamiliar with the overhand knot, learn how to do it now. (link to

Tie around your wrist and then cut off any extra rope.

Measure a 2-foot length of rope in three colours, then cut the rope with your scissors. Use as many strands as you'd like, but make sure each colour has the same amount of strands. For example, you might have three blue strands, 3 orange strands and 3 green strands.

Match up the ends of the different ropes and tie one end in an overhand knot. Secure the knot in the clip of the clipboard, and place the clipboard on a flat surface.

Separate the coloured strands into three rows on the flat surface. Call the strands on the right, Section A, the middle strands, Section B, and the strands on the left Section C. Pick up Section A, and cross over Section B. Pick up Section C, and cross over Section A. Pick up Section B and cross over Section C. Keep repeating the pattern of moving the outer sections into the centre, taking turns from each side.

Braid until you reach the end of the rope, and then remove it from the clipboard. Secure the bottom section with an overhand knot. Tie around your wrist and then cut off any extra rope.


Add beads to the rope string ends to add decorations. Use school colours or your friend's favourite shades to personalise the bracelets to fit individual style.

Things You'll Need

  • Lightweight cotton rope (different colours)
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors
  • Doorknob
  • Clipboard
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