How to attach a pocket watch chain

Updated February 21, 2017

A pocket watch is an accessory for a man. The watch bows clips to a chain which attaches on the other end to a belt loop or vest button. The timepiece can be stored in a trouser pocket or the pocket of a vest, which is the traditional way to wear a pocketwatch. Watch chains come in a variety of lengths, styles and materials, from gold to stainless steel. Virtually all chains attach to the watch in the same manner.

Grasp the watch bow, which is the metal or gold loop over the crown (the winder).

Hold the end of the chain with the spring clip and push inward on the clip to open

Slip the clip hook over the bow and release the clip to secure the chain to the watch.

Attach the other end of the chain (the fob) to a belt loop if the chain is equipped with a larger clip, or through the button hole of a vest if the fob is a short metal or gold rod. The fob inserts through the buttonhole and turns to prevent the chain from falling out.


Cheap chains can break. Invest in a chain that reflects the value of the watch in your pocket.

Things You'll Need

  • Pocket watch
  • Watch chain
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