How to Attract Aries Women

Updated February 21, 2017

The Aries woman is attracted to passion, fitness and a challenge. She is a member of the sign of desire. This desire isn't just for sex, it's for everything! The Aries woman is usually highly attracted to shiny objects such as gemstones, more than most of the astrological signs. Aries is symbolised by the ram and that should give you some idea of the tenacity, stubbornness and ego you are working with. If you are looking to attract an Aries woman then you will have to be on your toes and expect to stay there because once you have got her attention then you have to keep it.

Welcome a challenge. You might as well get used to it right from the beginning because Aries women are generally the most challenging women of the zodiac. They are naturally competitive and you need to compete with everyone else on the planet to get their attention and keep it. Once you have won an Aries, never let them know that you know. They prefer to think that you are still trying to catch them. Be sure that you act like it.

Be passionate. This isn't just about sex, though you should be passionate there as well. You need a passion about life and preferably something in your own life that Aries can admire but doesn't necessarily include them. Aries likes to do their own thing and doesn't want to feel pressured because you are sitting and waiting on them. Someone who has outside interests is something that they find appealing.

Be decisive. If you have a date with Aries, make the plans. Aries will generally go along with it and will enjoy that you made a decision. While Aries women are typically fine at making decisions, they don't want to make all of them all of the time. So you can decided where to go for dinner. If she complains, put your foot down from time to time. Sometimes the Aries woman complains just to test you. Don't fall for it. If you have made reservations at the best place in town, stick with them. Tell her she can choose next time.

Play hard to get. At least in the early stages of the relationship, you should be a bit low-key about physical intimacy. Aries loves a challenge and if you give in easily she will see not only no victory in it but that you are someone that anyone can have. She wants what no one else can get. Make yourself that person and she will be drawn in like a moth to a flame.

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