How to Get Stains Out of Bugaboo Frog Fabric

Updated March 28, 2018

Bugaboo Frog strollers are high-end strollers popular among celebrities. The cost ranges anywhere from £325-$800 depending on the model. For most parents, this is a lot of money to dish out for a stroller. Since it is an investment for you and your little "bugaboo," you want to make sure you keep the stroller looking its best and free from stains. Although the Bugaboo Frog fabric is said to be stain resistant, all parents know that babies have the ability to stain even the most stain resistant fabrics. If, after washing the fabric in your washing machine, you can still see the remnants of a stain, try these steps to get your stroller looking as good as it did before you had the baby.

Remove the Bugaboo Frog fabric according to the instructions. Take the foam inserts out of the fabric.

Fill your sink or tub with cold water. Add a cap full of washing powder. Let the fabric soak for several hours.

Rinse the fabric with cold water. If the stain is gone, wash it in cold water in your washing machine. If the stain is still visible, spray generously with Shout Stain Removal Spray. Let sit for several hours.

Gently scrub at the stain with the toothbrush. Rinse well and wash in cold water in your washing machine.

Before putting the fabric in the dryer, check to make sure the stain is completely gone. If you dry the fabric and the stain isn't gone, it will set while in the dryer. Set stains that have been dried are nearly impossible to get out.


If you aren't able to get the stain out, contact the Bugaboo Frog Customer Service Center at (800) 460-2922 or e-mail them at They have a lifetime guarantee on their products; contact them and tell them about your stained fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Washing powder
  • Cold water
  • Sink or tub for soaking
  • Shout Stain Removal Spray
  • Toothbrush
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