How to Connect an iPod to a 2002 Honda CR-V

Updated March 23, 2017

Whether your vehicle has the factory-installed or an upgraded radio, you can play your iPod on your 2002 Honda CR-V. Depending on the radio model, you will need one of a variety of tools to allow you to play the iPod through your car speakers. These devices can be purchased at electronic, department or chemists, as well as truck stops during a long highway journey.

Plug the auxiliary cord into the headphone input on your iPod and the other end into the auxiliary jack on the radio of your 2002 Honda CR-V. Select the "Aux" option on the radio and press "Play" on your iPod to hear the music through your car's speakers.

Plug an AM/FM radio transmitter into the bottom of the iPod. Set the transmitter to an empty-air station and tune the radio to the same station on the radio. Press "Play" on your iPod and the music will play through your car's speakers.

Plug the wire from a cassette adaptor into the headphone slot of your iPod and slide the adaptor into the car's radio cassette player. Press "Play" on your iPod and the music will play through your car's speakers.

Things You'll Need

  • Auxiliary cord
  • AM/FM adaptor
  • Cassette tape adaptor
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