How to create a relic online account

Updated March 23, 2017

Relic is an online gaming website that hosts numerous communities for lovers of Relic games. To create a Relic online account, you must sign up individually for each game community that you wish to join. Each community offers news about its specific game as well as platforms where gamers can play the game online and compete for top points.

Navigate to, and click on the game of your choice to be redirected to its Relic community website.

Click the "Sign Up" link located on the community website of the game that you have selected. Input your basic information, such as your name, age and e-mail address, and select a username and password to sign up for a Relic online account for that community.

Check your e-mail account for a confirmation message from the website. Click the activation link found within the email to activate your Relic online account.


Sign up on Relic forums to communicate with other Relic users by clicking "Forums" and selecting the forum that you would like to join.


Sign up for each game community that you wish to be a member of separately by navigating to each community's section within the Relic website.


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