How to Handle the Single Leo Male

Updated February 21, 2017

Deciding on how to handle a single Leo male depends largely on what it is you want to do with him once you have him. The lion of the Zodiac needs to be approached in different ways to achieve different goals. No matter what your intentions, taking on Leo is not for the timid. Leo is represented by the lion for a very good reason and a mistake in how you deal with Leo can change the dynamics of the relationship in an instant and not in your favour. Leo has the largest ego of the Zodiac; remember to stroke it and you will have the battle half won.

Be fun. The Leo male is all about having fun. Of course he also tends to be very ego centred so be sure to laugh at his jokes and don't tell jokes funnier than his unless you heard it from him in the first place. Understand that most Leo men love to be the centre of attention and is likely to be the life of the party. Wherever a Leo is, a party is sure to take place.

Be confident. A Leo is lion-like and he can't stand whiners. Whiners are invariably downers at a party and he'll really hate that. According to the astrological expert Martine, if you exude confidence and a love of life, then the Leo male will naturally gravitate toward you. After all, someone like that shows him at his best.

Dress well. This isn't like Capricorn or Aries with their drive for money. Most Leo men like expensive clothing and designer labels for the prestige that it gives them. You may be wearing the clothing but he gets the credit because he chose to associate with someone of means and taste. Don't be boorish about it, a Leo hates the mention of money unless he is doing the mentioning.

Be loyal. This is extremely important to a Leo. The fastest way to hear him roar is for some mention of disloyalty to be uttered where he can hear about it. Many Leo's are loyal to a fault and they demand loyalty from everyone else around them, as well. According to the experts at, you can get away with a lot around most Leo men as long as you are loyal. If a Leo man seems irritated, make a joke and all is forgiven. Having a good time and getting along are more important to most Leo's than petty arguments.

Have a good time. Being with a Leo is usually great fun. Most Leo men are easy to handle as long as you let them be the centre of attention, don't take life too seriously and are unfailingly loyal. His is one of the easier astrological signs to get along with because he is really just a kid inside an adult body. He may work hard and be serious at work, but he is only doing that to pay for the party!

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