How to wire a telephone ringer

Updated February 21, 2017

The telephone ringtone is one of the most important features of a telephone set. The ringtone alerts you of an incoming phone call and unless it is heard clearly, you probably would not even know that someone was attempting to call you. A faulty phone ringer, hearing problems, a far away phone, or noise are some of the reasons why you might need a device that amplifies your phone's ringtone. Learn how to wire an external telephone ringer and never miss a call.

Go to your local electronics shop and choose an external phone ringer that you like. There are various brands and models of external ringers available for sale, but most of them include a volume switch and a flasher. Read the instructions in the owner's manual supplied with the ringer to learn the basic features of the external ringer.

Sit the telephone ringer close to your landline telephone set or mount it on a nearby wall using screws or mounting tape supplied with it. Measure the phone patch cords supplied with the ringer to avoid placing the ringer out of reach of the cords. Consider the length of the power supply cord in case the model you bought derives its power from a wall socket (most external ringers derive power from the phone line and do not need batteries).

Get the telephone patch cord (RJ-11) supplied with the ringer, hold the modular connector at the end of the patch cord, and plug it into a telephone wall jack. Plug the other end of the cord into its matching RJ-11 port marked "Line" at the back of the ringer. Most, if not all external ringers have simple and straightforward wiring procedures that include a single RJ-11 input jack and a single RJ-11 output jack.

Get the landline phone, hold the modular plug at the end of its telephone patch cord, and plug it into its matching RJ-11 port marked "Phone" at the back of the ringer. Lift the handset of your phone and listen for a dial tone. Go to another phone line or use your mobile phone and call your landline phone to hear the ringtone of the external ringer. Adjust the ringer's volume to your desired level.

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