How to use a laser level outside

Updated February 21, 2017

Laser levels have revolutionised the way readings are taken on construction jobs and do-it-yourself at-home projects. This is because laser light provides for an infallibly straight beam. The only downside to a laser level is when using it outdoors because then the laser light becomes difficult to see or even completely invisible to the eye. Using a laser receiver is the most effective method for reading a laser level outside. Several different models are available that all work in the same fashion, regardless of the make or the type of laser level.

Put on the red enhancement goggles. Put the laser level onto a tripod. Turn on the laser level and aim it at the outside wall where you want to take a reading. Lock the laser level down into position.

Place the laser receiver on the outside wall using the built-in magnet or onto a tripod placed against the wall if there is no built-in magnet.

Move the laser receiver around slowly until it catches the laser light and lights up a small LED on the laser receiver. Lock the laser receiver down into position.

Read the light from the laser level that is striking the laser receiver and make alignment and elevation settings on the laser receiver as needed.


Always carry spare batteries for the laser level.


Never look into the beam of a laser level or point it at anyone's eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Laser receiver
  • Red enhancement goggles


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