How to Transfer Slides to DVD

Updated July 20, 2017

Transferring slides to DVD allows you to share your slides with more people, create digital slide shows and have a reliable backup of all your images. There are companies that will convert your slides for you, but that means handing your slides to someone and trusting that they will not lose them or ruin them. It is possible to convert you slides on your personal computer, provided that you have the correct equipment.

Purchase a slide scanner from an electronics retailer.

Scan the slides by referring to the scanner's manual.

Rename your slides in a way that will help you remember what is in on each slide.

Choose the slides that you want on the DVD.

Use your preferred DVD burning software to burn the images to the DVD.


You can use software designed to create digital movies, such as Corel's Digital Studio, to create a photo slide show complete with music and text.


If you have hundreds of slides to convert, consider a scanner that will scan several slides at once.

Things You'll Need

  • Slide scanner
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