How to Make Wiring Diagrams With Visio

Microsoft Visio lets technical professionals create wiring diagrams that use standardised symbols so that others can understand them while working with wiring and electrical components. Other technical professionals chart, graph and map just about anything working with data, electricity or workflow using Visio. This article will focus on using Microsoft Visio 2007 for ease and flexibility.

Open Microsoft Visio. The screen labelled "Getting Started with Microsoft Office Visio" is displayed first.

Locate the bar on the left side of the screen labelled "Template Categories." Choose the folder labelled "Engineering." It's the fourth folder down. Click on it.

Click on the first picture in the middle of the screen labelled "Basic Electrical." On the bottom right of the screen make sure that "US Units" is chosen. Click the "Create" button.

Find the bar on the left labelled "Shapes." You'll see a list: "Fundamental Items," "Qualifying Symbols," "Semiconductors and Electron Tubes," "Switches and Relays" and "Transmission Paths." Spend some time clicking through each of these items. You'll see the various types of symbols with their labels to indicate what they represent.

Click on the tab labelled "Fundamental Items." Put the icon over the "Circuit Breaker" symbol. While you are holding it down, drag it over to the blank gridded paged to your right. Place it where you want the model to begin. Release the mouse. The symbol will "drop" onto the page.

Continue clicking and dragging symbols arranging them on the page as needed until your page is finished.


You can increase the size of the grid by adjusting the percentage box near the top of the screen just under and to the right of the word "Help." When you place the symbols on to the page, a small green box appears on the object. If you hold down your mouse and move one end of the symbol, you are able to rotate and stretch it as needed. To label any symbols you'll want to click on the big letter "A" just below the word "Help." Double-click on the grid where you want text to be. Enter your text adjusting the font size by using the font size box in the upper left portion of your screen. Hit "Enter" when finished. Repeat as needed.


This software or these diagrams may seem confusing to you if you aren't familiar with the software or with wiring terminology. The Help icon is a great resource for most of your questions. Save your diagram periodically while working on your diagram.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Visio installed on a PC
  • Building layout, drawings or schematics
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