How Do I Connect External Equipment to a Sharp Aquos?

Ryan McVay/Photodisc/Getty Images

The Aquos from Sharp is a type of LCD HDTV that comes in a variety of different sizes. As with all television sets, you have the ability to connect to it a wide variety of external devices, like DVD players, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles and more. Any external device you buy comes with the audio and video cables required to connect it to your TV, so all you have to worry about is connecting it all correctly.

Look inside the instruction manual that came with your external device to determine what type of audio and video cables are included. Typically, devices like DVD players come with component audio and video cables (red, yellow and white in colour), though more expensive pieces of equipment come with composite video cables (red, blue and green) or even HDMI cables.

Insert one end of the audio and video cables into the appropriate inputs on the back of your external device. The ends of the cables and the inputs they go into are colour coded to make this as straightforward as possible. Look at the colour on the end of the cable and plug it into the input on the back of your device that is the exact same colour. A diagram of the back panel of your external device (located in the instruction manual) will also specify which inputs use which type of cables, so consult this diagram to find the correct place to plug your cables into.

Find the same type of inputs on the back or side of your Aquos television set. As with the other end of the cables, the inputs on the back of the TV are colour coded. The inputs on the back of the Aquos will also be labelled, so if you know you have component video cables, for example, plug the cables into the inputs on the back of the TV labelled "Component Video."

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