How to hang outdoor Christmas lights on fascia board

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Hang outdoor Christmas lights on fascia board by first nailing in place flat plastic clips with hooks for the wires. Nail n Clip Light Clips is one example of a suitable product, but other similar products may be available. The nail ensures the clip does not move and the hook keeps the wire in place.

Set up a ladder so you can access the fascia board safely. Carry the clips in your pocket, to leave both hands free. Start at one side of the fascia board and aim to work your way across.

Place the first clip on the fascia board. Insert the nail in the nail hole. Use a pin hammer to tap the nail home.

Nail the next clip about 50 cm (20 inches) away. Proceed in like manner across the entire width of the fascia board. Aim to create a horizontal line or sloping line, depending on which fits better with the fascia board design and your Christmas lighting scheme.

Insert a part of the wire near the end into the first hook. Unravel the wire and place it flat against the fascia board. Insert the next section of wire into the next hook, and so on across the fascia board.

Run the wire down the side of the house with bell wire clips. Choose ones with hardened steel nails. Then you can hammer them through masonry without having to pre-drill a hole.

Insert the plug into an exterior grade transformer. Connect the transformer to an outdoor weatherproof mains socket. Follow the advice of consumer group Which? and ensure it is IP44 compliant.

Drill a hole through a window or door frame, alternatively, and run the cable through it, if you do not have an outdoor socket. Connect the wire to the transformer. Connect the transformer to the mains.

Switch on to test the system. Make a note of any unlit bulbs. Switch off again. Tighten any unlit bulbs to ensure a better electrical connection. If they still do not light, they may be burnt out or broken. Replace them. Switch on again.

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