How to view a CCTV camera on a tv

Updated April 17, 2017

A closed-circuit television system can provide an effective way to monitor the security of your home or business. CCTV systems are easy to set up and can be monitored from any standard TV set using the provided RCA connections. Being able to view CCTV footage will give you peace of mind and an added sense of safety, alerting you of potential dangers.

Position your camera in a place that gives you a clear view of the area you want to surveil. Securely mount the camera at a height where it is not easily tampered with.

Set up the television you will use for monitoring. You may want to position it in an area where it is easily viewable so you are able to check it freely. You could also choose to use an existing television set.

Obtain a plug and play security camera cable that is of a length that will reach from your television to your security camera. Be sure to get enough cable to allow for some slack in the line. Plug and play cable will have RCA connectors for audio, video and power.

Connect the audio, video and power connectors to the appropriate ports on the security camera. You may need to use an RCA to BNC Male adaptor for the video jack if your camera does not have a standard RCA output.

Connect the other end of the cable to the audio and video ports on your TV. Connect the power jack to your camera's power supply. Make sure your power supply is plugged into a working power source.

Power on your camera, and tune your television to the video channel that your camera is plugged into to check for a good signal. If there is no signal coming from the camera, make sure the video and audio jacks from the plug and play cable are connected to the correct ports, that the camera is powered on, and that your television is set to the correct channel. Reposition the camera as necessary to obtain a good view.


Chain your camera through a digital video recorder or VCR to record the video stream while you are away.

Things You'll Need

  • Plug and play security camera cable with RCA connectors
  • RCA to BNC male adaptor
  • Security camera
  • Television
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